Folios Workshop

Folios Workshop

A complete visual workshop

How to design and produce "folios" of your photographs

Folios are a cross between a book and a portfolio. Like a book, folios have room for many pages, many images — and even text or text signatures. Unlike a book, they are not bound, but rather are individual sheets. Like a traditional portfolio, my folios contain original artwork, but are not matted. And the folio cover is a more flexible enclosure that’s more accommodating to small hand-held prints than the traditional portfolio clamshell box.

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Brooks Jensen

In this workshop...

You'll explore this unique folio idea, and walk through the process of designing, producing, and finishing a folio of your fine art photographs — including the embossed art paper folio enclosures you’ve seen in both the LensWork and Brooks Jensen Arts folios.

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In the 1980s I began searching for a method to bind into book format individually printed gelatin silver photographs I was producing in my darkroom. I took classes in how to make handmade artist’s books; I visited the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson to scour their archives of artist’s books; and I even hired tutors to work with me individually.

My research caused me to rethink my entire approach to finishing a project of fine art originals. The solution was found in making what I call “folios” — from the Latin root folium meaning a single leaf or sheet of paper.

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Curriculum and sample videos

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Folio Workshop

The Folio Concept

  • Welcome (sample video)
  • Objectives
  • The birth of the folio concept
  • The second generation folios
  • The third generation folios
  • The basic workflow
Folios Workshop

Designing the Contents

  • Creating the printing layout (sample video)
  • Creating the printing template
  • Crop mark strategies (sample video)
  • Darkroom prints
  • Intro to text pages
  • Manual imposition layouts
  • Print booklet
  • Reverse engineering for size
  • The basic print layout
  • The sewn text signature
  • Trimming the finished print
Folios Workshop

Hand-cut Covers

  • Cross-and-fold trimming and assembly
  • Important tools
  • Overview of the cross-and-fold (sample video)
  • Paper choices
  • Single sheet cutting jig
  • Single sheet layout
  • The cross and fold layout
  • Tracing templates
Folios Workshop

Die-cut Covers

  • Base size and four flaps
  • Bézier curves
  • Embossing, debossing
  • Files for the service provider
  • Generic options
  • Introduction to die-cut designs
  • Overview of the die-cut plan
  • The bottom flap
  • The InDesign document first steps
  • The side flaps
  • The top flap
  • Virtual testing the flap design
Folios Workshop

Folding and Finishing

  • Depth scoring manually
  • Final assembly
  • Folding
  • Intro to depth scoring
  • Removing the die-cut burrs
  • Scoring machines
Folios Workshop

Alternatives & Extras

  • Keepsakes
  • Non-folios
  • Live workshop audio
  • Useful links and resources
Folios Workshop

Case Studies

  • A look at 10 folios and their unique variations (sample video)