LensWork (magazine)


Q. How does LensWork choose portfolios for the magazine?
A. We always enjoy getting a chance to look at new work. In fact, about half of what we've published in LensWork comes from submissions that were originally unsolicited. We love giving exposure to people who are doing good work but are not plugged into the publicity machines that galleries and traditional publishers provide.

Our submission guidelines are available here. Please review these submission guidelines and then feel free to send in your work for consideration. Obviously, we can't publish everything that is submitted, but we also can't publish work that isn't ever submitted! The best way to start is to send in the work and let us take a look.

The selection process involves several steps. Upon receipt, we review all portfolios. Those we have interest in are escalated into in our "pool of potential candidates." In preparation for each issue, we gather all the portfolios that are currently under consideration and look for a combination that will compliment each other nicely.

It's important to note that we never look at photographers curriculum vitae, biography, status, equipment, technique, longevity in photography, or other criteria that influence other typical selection processes. We look at the work - and that's it. In fact, the only thing we consider in our selection process is the work. We've rejected some very famous names in photography. We've published some who are brand new to photography. We judge work on a strict meritocracy plan and our editorial sensitivities. 

Q. Can I advertise in LensWork?
A. Sorry, but no. LensWork no longer accepts outside advertising. Most magazines live or die by their revenue from advertising. We have a different philosophy. We rely strictly on the quality of our publication and our customers' willingness to purchase it. We believe strongly that our readers will support our efforts as long as we continue to produce a publication that is worthy of their attention.

Q. How would I go about purchasing prints of photographers featured in past issues of LensWork?
A. Most (but not all) of the photographers we publish in LensWork do sell their prints. We suggest you contact them directly (or their gallery representatives) about your interest in purchasing their photographs.


Q. Does LensWork Extended have the same content as the magazine version?
A. Yes, and much more! In addition to the magazine’s full content you’ll see many more photos from the featured photographers, along with audio interviews, a bonus gallery, and additional materials. Each issue of Extended includes a unique assortment of extra goodies which may include additional articles, etc.

Q. Does the subscription to LensWork Extended include the print version of the magazine?
A. LensWork Magazine and LensWork Extended are two different publications and are purchased separately. You may purchase one or both individually, or by subscription.


Q. Will you be offering your workshops in Anacortes again?
A. No live workshops at this time but we will continue to offer workshops on disc.

In response to the hundreds of requests we received from folks who would like the information but can't travel to Anacortes for a live workshop experience, we will be producing the main content from all five workshops as play-at-home, disc-based tutorials two of which are already available here. Think of these as "workshop on a disc" products.

Book reviews

Q. Does LensWork do book reviews?
A. Not as such. We often do receive "sample review copies" of newly published books for review and often we find portfolio candidates for LensWork this way. We do not do "recommendations" type reviews, but a portfolio in LensWork (typically 15-20 images) will allow our readers to decide for themselves about a body of work.