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A bimonthly photography publication about photographs (rather than cameras!)

Articles, interviews, and portfolios all about images and the creative process.

The premise of LensWork is that photography is more than mere craft. Photography is, or can be, a way of life.

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A note on the 2021 price increase

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Is it a magazine?

Well, magazine isn't quite right, and we've never found the right term to describe our publication.

You'll just have to see for yourself!

LensWork is a 96-page, 8½x7” paperback periodical — a book-quality, paper-based, anthology-style bimonthly publication.

Larger video

Focus on images

Four to six photographers showcased in print edition issue

Anthology style, with portfolios like little "books within a book"

Non-technical and non-academic

Emphasis on the creative aspects of photography

Beyond cameras and equipment, beyond film and chemistry, beyond pixels and technology lie the mysteries of the creative life shared by those who strive to communicate and express themselves clearly – fine art photographers, commercial photographers, amateurs and professionals.

Spectacular printing

Museum-book quality

Just like the finest hardbound fine art books, LensWork is printed in full color and duotone, which has deeper blacks, richer tonality, and can reproduce warm hues that more closely match warm-tone original prints.

Content and only content

A magazine without advertising? Really?

The entire content of LensWork is a generous helping of insight, wisdom, experience, inspiration, motivation, examples, and a connection to other photographers who are pursuing the creative path like you.


Unsurpassed quality

Better printing than many hardbound books

LensWork has won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award (the "Oscar" of the printing industry) an unprecidented five times! Thank you, Hemlock Printing!


Published six times a year

Available by subscription

1-year $54*

*Shipping added if you are outside the U.S.
A note about the 2021 subscription rate increase

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A note on the 2021 subscription rate increase

For 19 years, the subscription rate to LensWork (printed edition) has never changed — $39 annually for six issues. We are very proud to have been able to hold this price for 19 years and 115 issues of LensWork. 

During those 19 years while we've kept the subscription price the same, the cost of printing has risen 300%, the cost  of mailing has risen 280%. The upcoming postal rate increases and the increasing cost of paper are forcing us to reassess. After 19 years without a subscription rate increase, starting in December of 2021, our subscription has changed.

We asked our readers which direction they would prefer we take of the following two options. Their votes were overwhelming for Option #1 — in fact 7-to-1 preferred Option #1.

Option #1 — Keep everything the same. Still six issues per year, still 96 pages per issue, still mailed in the Rigi protective mailer we've always used. We can do this, but we'd need to raise the annual subscription rate to $54 US subscribers, (Canada and Overseas will have an additional postage surcharge).

Option #2 — Keep the US subscription rate at $39 per year, but we'd need to reduce the frequency to four issues per year with each issue consisting of 72 pages. We'd still mail in sturdy Rigi protective mailers.

Our new subscription rate for the printed edition of LensWork are $54 for US subscribers, $68 for Canadian subscribers (the largest postal cost increase of all), and $84 for Overseas.

We wish we didn't have to do this, but costs just keep escalating and there is nothing we can do to reduce the cost of paper, printing, and shipping. Thanks for understanding.

Brooks Jensen
Editor, LensWork Publishing

P.S. No changes foreseen for LensWork Online nor LensWork Monographs — the current rates will remain the same for 2022.