Finding an Audience for Your Work

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Finding an Audience for Your Work

A complete visual workshop

So, now you have it completed — the project, the exhibition, the book, the PDF, the website — what now? How do you find an audience — or even a paying audience — for your work? That is the topic for this workshop.

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We understand that your photography may not be your career, or that you are not necessarily looking for your photography to replace your day job. With this in mind, this workshop is for the committed and passionate photographer whose personal work deserves a wider audience.

We’ll explore traditional venues as well as new, innovative alternatives. We’ll explore income-producing ideas, as well as the concepts for making art for art's sake.

If your work is stuck in Light Impressions boxes in your closet and you’d like to have it seen, there are lots of ways to connect with an audience — and this workshop will kick-start that process.

There’s never been a better time to be a photographer, nor a larger audience of people who enjoy photography. Finding and connecting with an audience for your work is the focus of this workshop.

Sample Videos

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About this 3-track workshop

Topics include . . .

  • Money, Selling, and Commerce
    • Whose got the money?
    • Selling 101
    • Pricing
    • The Art Market
  • Finding an Audience, Original Prints
    • Galleries
    • Non-profit Galleries
    • Review Events
    • Alternative Venues
  • Finding an Audience, In Print
    • Preliminaries
    • Mailings
    • Magazines
    • Commercial Books
    • Print-on-Demand Books
    • Folios, The non-book book
  • Finding an Audience, Digital Publishing
    • Digital Alternatives
    • Formats
    • Catalogs
    • Packaging and Mailing
    • The Web
    • E-mail
  • How to get published in a magazine
  • Careers, strategies, and the long view

Finding an Audience sample video 2

Premises of this workshop

Finding an Audience sample video 3

Levels of involvement

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