Seeing in SIXES 2019

Sold Out

Six-image Projects from LensWork Readers

We wish to thank ALL of the photographers who entered their projects in our 4th and final Seeing in SIXES community book project! Like Seeing in SIXES 2016, 2017 and 2018, we expect Seeing in SIXES 2019 to provide an important and substantial survey of photography from the LensWork community. We hope that all who participated – whether your work was selected or not – came away with an artistic exercise that will benefit your work!

Brooks Jensen & Maureen Gallagher
Editors, LensWork Publishing

Book Details

  • 312 Pages, 50 projects
  • Each project is 6 images exactly, in a 6-page spread
  • Both color and black-and-white projects and images
  • Introduction by Brooks Jensen
  • A great learning tool to help develop your own small projects
  • 9” tall x 8” wide, larger than LensWork

Once again, the enthusiastic response from the LensWork community provided a diversity of excellent work. We selected 50 entries from these photographers to fill 300 pages. Congratulations!

Anderson, Scott
Avakian, Robert
Banning, William
Barricklow, Sam
Blackwell, Steve
Bowles, Henry
Brousseau, Michael
Burkhardsmeier, Kent
Castro-Bran, Denise
Chappel, Gary
Chaucer-Levine, Valerie
Conn, John
Conway, Peter
Custodio, John
Dixon, Bill
Fundingsland, Lynn
Grill, Howard
Hayden, Justin
Hontz, Jim
Khovaylo, Mo
Kirschbaum, Marsha
Korwel, Izabela
MacGregor, Lesley
Makarov, Ivan
Mayhew, Ron
Mendenhall, Larry
Messner, Mary Catherine
Miller, Michael
Murai, Richard
Nemeth, Gene
Newcombe, Adrian
Newman, Bob (Robert C)
Olsen, Rolf
O’Neill, Gary
Perlaky, Laszlo
Refetoff, Osceola
Renwick, Jennifer
Rigge, Lisa
Rooney, Hugh
Schirmer, Andy
Shepherd, Walter
Shipler, Debby
Singer, Michael
Sinsheimer, Jim
Steege, Pamela
Stone, Mel
Straubel, Carol
Sun, Ning
Wilton, R. F.
Zumaran-Jones, Carolina