Single Exposures 3

Single Exposures 3

More Random Observations on Photography, Art & Creativity

by Brooks Jensen

  • 1-page observations in a quick-read format
  • Compiled from the best of Brooks Jensen's almost-daily podcasts on photography.

Partial List of Topics:
The Seduction of Potential; The Public’s Perception of Our Career; What Does It Mean That You’ve Signed Your Print?; Intellectual Property; The Intangibles; The Private Collection of Edgar Dégas - and Your Friends;, Storytelling; Virginia Woolf on Creativity; Random Thoughts; Intellectual Property Rights and Location Photography; Photography as Personally Expressive Art; Making a Group Gathering Meaningful; Family Photos in the Digital Age; An Example of How Genius Is Often Just a Happy Accident; A Self-imposed Moratorium; Artificial Light x 4; The Z Axis; Lessons from the Antiques Roadshow; Reading to Your Cat; In Praise of the Small Book; What Makes a Good Fine Art Photograph?; What is the Black and White Equivalent of Angry Red?; Success is Something You Earn; Copyright Lessons from Don Quixote; Memories - Both Visual and Aural; How to Become a Successful and Famous Painter; Characteristics of a Bad Photograph; The Act of Discovery; — and many, many more!

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