Single Exposures 2

Single Exposures 2

More Random Observations on Photography, Art & Creativity

by Brooks Jensen

Over 160 topics

  • 1-page observations in a quick-read format
  • Compiled from the best of Brooks Jensen's almost-daily podcasts on photography.

Partial List of Topics:
Between Chaos and the Predictable; The Power of Totality; Learning by Doing; The Importance of Structure; Magnet Rails, Remembering Fil;, A Harmony of Tones; Bach's Motivation; The Art Kit; Art and Decor; Photographer as Egotist; Photography and the Hurricane's Devistation; The Value of Interviewing People; 1000 Photographs; Tintypes in Print; Wright Morris; Mountains and Pixels; Now, Before it's Gone; Immersion as Composition; Tea Toning; The Obvious Made Magical; The Right Tool; The Thank-You You Deserve; Begin the Beguining; Why I Don't Mat My Own Work; Six Hundred Pounds of Equipment; Renditions, When the Art Demands Your Attention; The Date of a Print; What Inspires You?; Workspace and Living Space; The Secondary Market; A Deluge of Graphics; Editor, Where Art Thou?; The Power of Deadlines; The Time Frame of a Project; PDF Publishing, Graphic Layout and Design Skills; Photographing the Wind; Preservation, How Much Detail Do You Need?; Some Old Contact Sheets; Context; Majoring in the Minors; The 60-Second Monet; The Big Combo, Making Dark; — and many, many more!

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