This latest book in the "Photography and The Creative Process" Series offers readers the opportunity to engage in a selection of timeless and thought-provoking articles previously published in LensWork, but many now long out-of-print. The 203 pages of text are organized in three important sections: Being an Artist, The Creative Muse, and Productivity. This book goes beyond useful; it is truly a "must read" for photographers who are committed to their craft.


The Creative Life in Photography

Essays on Photography, the Creative Process, and Personal Expression

by Brooks Jensen


  • When Photography Becomes Art
  • On Faith and Fame
  • The Case of the Misplaced Identity
  • The Context of the Question
  • Why Make Art?
  • Creativity Questions
  • The Pragmatics of Creativity
  • Photography and the Meaning of Life
  • Commitment
  • The Matter With Subject Matter
  • Imaginative Photography
  • Ten Motivations
  • Your Inner Pragmatist
  • Keys to Productivity
  • Photography as a Verb
  • Collaborations
  • Finding the Project
  • Printing for a Purpose
  • Twenty-One Ways to Improve Your Artwork
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