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We’re launching a new LensWork Community Book project for 2023 that promises to be our most exciting theme yet — light, glorious light! After all, “photography” is “light writing.” So this year, we are celebrating light, the basis of all we do in photography.

Now accepting entries!
Deadline for entries is
midnight, Tuesday
September 12, 2023

Everyone who enters will receive a book (One copy per entrant.)
whether or not you're selected for publication.

The book will be completed and printed in Oct 2023,
and mailed in November 2023.

Retail price for the book will be $34.95 (plus shipping).

Light, Glorious Light entry form and instructions

Unlike many other juried publications, you retain all copyrights to your images and written materials. LensWork is granted one-time only publication rights only.

* You do not need to be a LensWork subscriber to enter.

Light, Glorious Light

Announcing the 2023 LensWork Community Book Project

As we’ve done for the last seven years, this book will feature the work of our readers — like you! perhaps you! — printed with the quality you’ve come to expect from us. This promises to be an important and substantial survey of the LensWork community, subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

  • First, everyone who enters will receive a copy of the finished book later this year — in November 2023.
  • Entries must celebrate light in some form or another — direct light, natural light, artificial light, sunlight, moon light, spotlight, filtered light. Light need not be the subject, but it must be a visible and important component of the image.
  • Each photographer who is selected for publication will be limited to one image.
  • Black-and-white or color
  • Any subject is okay — people, animals, buildings, urban environment, nature, landscapes, this watery world, abstracts, wildlife, still life — any and all subjects are welcome.
  • No titles or text needed. Just images!
  • With your first submission, you may include three images for us to review.
  • You may submit as many images as you want after the initial three. You are not limited to the three in your initial entry.
  • The initial entry submitted includes three images for $45; all additional images will be $15 each

This book will be 240 pages and include 230 photographers!

We’re excited to publish the best of your images in book form, knowing they will be valued in book collections around the world.


As examples, possibly as inspiration — hopefully as motivation — we are presenting a few examples of light-composed images (derived from Brooks’ Kokoro work) below:

Additional examples are on this page.


Light, Glorious Light 2023 entry form and instructions