Our Podcast On Photography and the Creative Process Has Moved!

Announcing daily.lenswork.com, our new . . .

Well, we're not sure what to call it. Compendium seems the best term, but a bit over the top. Amalgam — too dental. Blog — too, well, bloggish. Corpus — creepy. Assemblage, collation, accumulation, gathering — oh, heck with it.

How about — Where We Put Lots of Stuff We Think You Will Be Interested In.

Essentially, we are doing a bit of E-C-R-S, which stands for Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, and Simplify.

The idea is simply this: we are combining all the multifarious email and web communications we have with LensWork readers into one compendium. Rather than having separate . . .

. . . we are combining all of this into one, new project called LensWork Daily. This combined resource has the advantages of:

And most importantly, because LensWork Daily uses a post/comment format, you can add your thoughts to the discussion via comment posting and share ideas with the community at large.


We call it LensWork Daily because we have so much content to share that it works out we actually do something every day  — well, at least Monday through Friday. Because these things have been scattered in a number of different areas, we know some of you haven't been aware of all the content we publish. Now, with this unified approach, you'll be able to more easily keep up with all there is to see.

So, this page is being retired and all its current and future content can now be found at http://daily.lenswork.com. Pop over there and reset your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and take a look at our new combined, amalgamated, unified whatever-we-should-call-it!


Brooks Jensen
Editor, LensWork Publishing

P.S. By the way, our regular website (www.lenswork.com) is still where you can go to learn all about the various products we sell, subscription information, etc.

And www.lensworkonline.com, our new membership website with content galore, is where you will find downloadable publications, full-content video workshops, the podcast archives going all the back to podcast #0001, epub and Kindle ebooks, audio and video interviews with photographers, iPad and Android editions of both LensWork and LensWork Extended, and lots more.