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Feedback Review of Your Work

On occasion, it can be very useful to have another pair of eyes take a look at your work and offer a fresh perspective. That's why so many of us attend workshops or peer group gatherings. But workshops can be expensive (including travel and lodging) and peer groups can be either hard to find or difficult to get honest feedback. Our Feedback Reviews (based on Brooks' one-on-one Road Show reviews and eConsultations) is designed to help.

Whether you are looking for technical help to improve your photographs, editorial assistance to define or refine your project, or career advice on how to find or expand your audience, having a fresh pair of experienced eyes can open new possibilities. Feedback allows every photographer a unique opportunity for a focused look at their work and creative path with one of photography's most sought-after experts, publisher/author/podcaster/photographer Brooks Jensen. As a workshop instuctor, photo festival reviewer, and publisher, Brooks has reviewed thousands and thousands of portfolios.

About Brooks Jensen's Reviews

Brooks has counselled literally thousands of photographers on ways to find and follow their own creative path. "Every creative individual has their own needs and path," Jensen writes in his book Letting Go of the Camera, "so the thorny question What should I do? is answered differently for each artist." This is his core philosophy in these Feedback reviews, too. "The challenge is not to offer advice so you can do what I might do, but rather to discover your own path. That's my role in these sessions – helping photographers move closer to their own success."

No Need to Travel! Available Globally Wherever You Are!

Although we support and encourage attendance to the large review events such as Houston FotoFest or Photolucida, the costs can be prohibitive when you add the event fee, the travel, the hotel, and the meals. Our hope with these Feedback review via Internet is to make available information and advice to help you in your art career without the extra expense of a large review event.


Here is a sample review video so you can see how this works.

We also make these available via Closed Captioning if you prefer. Here is the CC version.

How It Works

Send in your images for review (please, not less than 15). JPGs are fine. Send using this secure and private Dropbox link.

Email Brooks with background about your feedback request — what are your questions, comments, specific requests, background, goals? Please include anything that might help Brooks address the issue(s) that are most important to you!

Register your $50 Feedback payment in our online store.

    Be sure to answer the dropdown choice as to whether or not you want this to be a private review. We will not post your images or our comments on LensWork Online unless you specifically give us permission to do so. If you grant permission for us to post it (anonymously, of course) others can benefit from the review. It's a community thing!

Brooks will review your work, email back with any questions he has. Brooks will then record a video screen capture with audio commentary about your work and the issues you have requested him to address.

This video review will be made available to you (and if you request, only you) typically within 3 working days. During deadline week (that pesky magazine, you know!) or if Brooks is traveling (that is, out photographing!) it might take an extra day or two, but he does his best to get back to you as quickly as possible!

LensWork Submission Feedback

If you have submitted your project for possible publication in LensWork, Brooks' video feedback will be recorded after the review. We review work every 60 days, so please be patient.

How can we help?

Brooks' experience and expertice can help in many areas including . . .