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Seeing in SIXES 2017

Six-image Projects from LensWork Readers

We wish to thank ALL of the photographers who entered their projects in our 2nd Annual Seeing in SIXES book competition. Just like with the first book, we expect this book to also provide an important and substantial survey of photography from the LensWork community — and hope that all who participated came away with an artistic exercise that will benefit your work!

~The Editors, Brooks Jensen & Maureen Gallagher

Book Details

  • 312 Pages, 50 projects
  • Each project is 6 images exactly, in a 6-page spread
  • Both color and black-and-white projects and images
  • Introduction by Brooks Jensen
  • A great learning tool to help develop your own small projects
  • 9” tall x 8” wide, larger than LensWork

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Once again, the enthusiastic response from the LensWork community provided a diversity of excellent work. We selected 50 entries from these photographers to fill 300 pages. Congratulations!

Lewis Anderson
Gary Anthes
Robert Avakian
Slobodan Blagojevic
Charles Breton
Beverly Conley
Stephen Cook
Dr. David Cummings
Jack Curran
Bill Dahl
Al DaValle
John Doddato
John DuBois
Douglas J. Eng
Marcia Getto
Barry Guthertz
Bob Hecht
Scott Hoyle
Hadley Johnson
Julius Kassovic
Marie Keech
Deb Kreimborg
Oliver Klink
Jack Lefor
Moises Levy
Joe Lipka
Tanya Lunina
Yasunori Matsui
Ron Mayhew
Larry Monczka
Bim Paras
Stephen Podrasky Bennett Povlow
Cetywa Powell
Shourya Ray
Maia Reim
Jennifer Renwick
Jose Antonio Rosas
Brian Schneider
Benny Shilo
Francis Stanton
Pamela Steege
Darcie Sternenberg
Montie Talbert
Amy Kanka Valadarsky
Scott Walton
Dennis Wickes