LensWork Monograph #13

Eleven By Six

by Jack Curran

  • 72 images, 72 pages
  • Book dimensions: 9" wide by 8" tall
  • The quality printing you've come to expect from LensWork

    From the introduction by Brooks Jensen:

    In this new millennium of photography, the ease of making images (by the wheelbarrow full) does not necessarily imply depth of connection or understanding. Mere volume does not make art better. Volume does, however, afford us the opportunity to experiment more — and that can help our photography grow and mature. For previous generations, a stunning, singular image was an accomplishment of merit. For our generation, that can still be true — but we are less limited by the single image than our photographic ancestors were. Jack Curran is embracing this new photographic language with a natural vision and talent that is worthy of our study — not just for what the six images show us, but for what they imply in the interstices between them.

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