LensWork Monograph #9

The Least Impossible Way

by Guy Tal

  • 61 images, 72 pages
  • Book dimensions: 9" wide by 8" tall
  • The quality printing you've come to expect from LensWork

    From the introduction by Guy Tal:

    I have photographed for about three decades now. Other than my love of the wild, photography may well be the most persistent thread in my life. It continues to offer me a means of exploration and expression, and it motivates me to seek more experiences and feelings that are worth expressing. Working as I do and my desire to create at the peak of inspiration make photography an ideal medium for my expressive goals. A faithful companion on so many journeys—within and without—the camera is not only a part of my world but also a means of being more mindful of it, weaving its visual qualities with my own emotions to produce work that uniquely reflects both self and subject.

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