LensWork Monograph #7

ICONS: Portraits 1969-2015

by Jay Dusard

  • 64 images, 72 pages
  • Book dimensions: 9" wide by 8" tall
  • The quality printing you've come to expect from LensWork

    From the introduction by Jay Dusard:

    I have never been terribly adept at capturing action with a camera, nor terribly inclined to do so. My rather formal approach to photographing people in relation to settings consistent with their life and livelihood can legitimately be considered environmental portraiture — a label that exemplifies the work of the late Arnold Newman. A foolish consistency or not, practically every one of my portraits includes the entire person or persons. Nary a mugshot in the entire wagonload. Without exception, I have never used artificial lighting, not even reflectors. I invariably seek soft, revealing light — the shady side of just about everything — when my prayers for cloud cover are denied. Throughout some 49 years of working in landscape, abstraction, and portraiture, the design of the photograph has been my overriding concern.


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