LensWork Monograph #4

Chariots of Desire

by Huntington Witherill


  • 60 images, 72 pages
  • Printed in gorgeous, museum-book quality stochastic duotones
  • Book dimensions: 9" wide by 8" tall
  • The quality printing you've come to expect from LensWork

    From Huntington Witherill's introduction:

    As form follows function, the inventiveness and creativity with which many classic automobiles were designed — particularly during the early to mid-20th Century — nearly defies description. These automobiles can not be properly characterized as mere cars; they remain more akin to revered sculptural works from the likes of Constantine Brancusi, and Auguste Rodin.
    With remarkable sophistication and aesthetically inspired applications of creativity, ingenuity, and mechanical practicality, the designers crafted functional works of art — many of which remain as timeless and imaginative today as they were when first introduced nearly a century ago.
    And those time-honored traditions of consummate craftsmanship and expressive style continue into the 21st century with a number of today’s exotic automobiles being produced by esteemed manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Saleen, and others. .

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