Since 2010, our Looking at Images blog has touched a wide audience by closely examining some 300 images previously published in LensWork or LensWork Extended. Brooks Jensen’s in-depth commentaries are not critiques, but instead discuss aspects of photography through image content, context, and composition. Looking at Images is a study aid — an engaging look at images as a platform to think about photography and the creative process. The intent is to provide photographers with tools to help them think about their own creative work. For the first time, these commentaries are available in book form!


Looking at Images

A deeper look at selected photographs published in LensWork and LensWork Extended

by Brooks Jensen

  • Commentary by Brooks Jensen
  • Short, thought-provoking reads discussing aspects of image content, context, and composition
  • Improve your photography and deepen your aesthetic eye by learning to see, feel, understand, think, and speak about images.
  • A great teaching tool and study aid
  • State-of-the-art, museum-book quality duotone printing
  • Includes color images as well as black-and-white!
  • 9” tall x 8” wide, larger than LensWork
  • 240 pages Now 264 Pages!
  • Additional audio commentary accessible through QR codes which link that page of the book to an audio file on our website.

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240-pages Now 264 Pages!