Print Edition

96 pages

Portfolios, Articles, Interviews

Award-winning, book-quality duotone printing

Issued six times a year

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LensWork Extended

Computer Edition and newly-redesigned

No page limitations

More images, more portfolios

Color portfolios

Audio interviews, video features

Issued six times a year

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LensWork Online

Membership website with content, content, and more content

Did we mention content?

Downloadable PDFs of LensWork and LensWork Extended

Podcasts,video workshops, Creative Labs, audio interviews, and more!

Lots more!

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Independent, stand-alone, book-length publications featuring the work of one photographer or a single theme

Monographs of black-and-white projects, as well as color work (a first for us in print!)

Larger than LensWork, the Monographs are 9”x8”, either portrait or landscape orientation

Issued four times a year, by subscription only

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New! Looking at Images by Brooks Jensen

Downloadable sample pages PDF

On Being a Photographer by Bill Jay and David Hurn/MAGNUM

Several titles by LensWork Editor Brooks Jensen

Print, ePub, and Kindle versions

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The longest running podcast in all of photography — over 800 podcasts and counting!

Short 5-10 min comments on photography and the creative process

New episodes every week

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Visual Workshop series taught by Brooks Jensen

Available both on computer disc and via streaming video at our membership website, LensWork Online

Folios Workshop, PDF Publishing, Finding an Audience for Your Work

Chapbooks & Keepsakes in production now!

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