Letting Go of the Camera

Essays on Photography and the Creative Life

by Brooks Jensen

Photography is, or can be, a way of life. Beyond cameras and equipment, beyond film and chemistry, beyond pixels and technology lie the mysteries of the creative life shared by those who strive to communicate and express themselves clearly. This book is an exploration of the path of creative photography.


  • A Change of Venue
  • Ambition, Age & Art
  • Beyond What It Is
  • Creativity and Confusion
  • Finishing
  • How to Make a Workshop Work
  • Image & Idea
  • Lessons from Joni Mitchell
  • Letting Go of the Camera
  • One Hundred Prints Project
  • Project Work versus Greatest Hits
  • The Importance of Partnering
  • The Importance of Structure
  • The Matter with Subject Matter
  • Twenty Years to Break the Rules
  • What is Your Natural Vision
  • What It Means To Be An Artist
  • When It Becomes a Project
  • Windows and Artifacts
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