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HT0515 - Why I Call Myself an Artist

I'm often introduced to a new acquaintance as a photographer. Not infrequently this leads to a discussion about their need for a wedding photographer or sometimes a real estate or commercial photographer. When I explain I'm a "fine art photographer," the discussion often leads to questions about which National Parks I've photographed, or what countries I've visited.


HT0516 - We've Been Hoodwinked

What would you think of a novelist who thought that buying a better typewriter would make his writing improve? What would you think of a ballerina who thought that a bigger speaker for the sound system in her studio would make her a better dancer?


HT0517 - Connecting the Dots

If you've ever done one of those childhood puzzles where you connect the dots and create an outline of an animal or a butterfly, you can see this principle at work in multiple image presentations in photography. The individual images are like dots but it is the impression one is left with after seeing all the images that is the key idea.


HT0518 - Zone Three Point Two

I remember once showing a print to a friend and describing in incredible detail how I had to work so hard to get the exact correct tones in the shadows. In an act of true compassion, my friend said to me, "The tones are great, but are you aware it's a picture of a dead cat?"


HT0519 - Technique Acquisition Syndrome

Do we need more gear (GAS)? Do we need more techniques (TAS)? Or, do we need more and better ideas and a more consistent commitment to explore and complete a body of work?


HT0520 - Credibility

I know a photographer who consistently sends me emails announcing what his latest idea for a project is and that he is going to do photographically. The problem is, he never seems to actually do it. So much so, that now he's lost all credibility and when he announces his next project I just assume it will never see the light of day.


HT0521 - Which Game You Choose to Play

There are lots of ways to engage photography and play with it. There are The Money Game; the Award Game; the Trophy Game; the Technology Game; the Art Game. Rather than just fall into one or the other, perhaps it's worth thinking about and consciously deciding what you want to get out of your photographic life.