Austrian Gorge
by Gavin Lyons

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Folio Pages and Cover Image

A 10-print folio of Austrian gorges

Those who appreciate the classic landscapes of the 20th century will instantly be reminded of the slit canyon work of Bruce Barnbaum. There is a similarity in the narrowness of these gorges and even in the way Lyons treats the angular light that reaches into the base of these wondrous geologies. But unlike Barnbaum’s images that verge on the abstract and even the cosmic, these images of Lyons’ invite us in with a more tangible, human construction — the walkways that allow access to these awesome gorges of Austria.

Most of these gorges are on privately owned land where the public is invited to traverse the unusual geology on these passageways constructed and maintained by the landowners. Precarious, slippery, even dangerous, these walkways become part of the landscape, defining its scale in human terms and creating a link between these inpenetrable streambeds and the imagination of intrepid tourists — and the occasional photographer. Surprisingly, Lyons searched extensively for other examples of fine art photography of these Austrian gorges but could find no others. His may well be the first fine art images of this wonderous landscape.


10 Individual Prints

  • Folio is 8x10½"
  • Images are approx. 7x9"
  • Printed on Harman Glossy FB AL
  • Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment inks
  • Embossed, die-cut art paper enclosure


Sequentially numbered, open edition
4-page, folded text signature

  • Title page
  • Artist statement
  • List of prints
  • Colophon

Here is a Lightroom gallery with all images in this folio