Evidence of Hands on Stone:
The Italian Portfolio
by Jeff Curto


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Folio Pages and Cover Image

A 10-print folio from Italy

Jeff Curto’s work from Italy will be familiar to long-time LensWork readers. We published his portfolio Bella Luce in LensWork #58 in May 2005, and several of the images in this LensWork Folio are from that portfolio. Since then, Jeff has continued to photograph in Italy, expanding his collection of images and details of the Italian culture and surroundings.

This new folio explores the beautiful interplay of hand-worked stone with natural light.

“Italian history is palpable; you walk upon it and touch it at every turn. The Italian people invest much of what they do with an interest in making something extraordinary from the everyday. As a result, there is a casual coexistence with antiquity; a subtle layering of the ancient and the everyday. I am fascinated with the evidence of the hands of those men and women who have, over the centuries, shaped the visual splendor of Italian structures and landscapes.
“My love affair with Italy began over 15 years ago when I managed to pack along my Deardorff 4x5 on my first trip there. Returning a dozen times since, the clock slows dramatically as I exchange the frenetic pace of the Chicago area for the tranquility of the Italian towns and countryside.”
- Jeff Curto

10 Individual Prints

  • Folio is 8x10½"
  • Images are approx. 7x9"
  • Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag matte fiberbase paper
  • Epson K3 Ultrachrome archival inks
  • Embossed art paper enclosure

Sequentially numbered, open edition
4-page, folded text signature

  • Title page
  • Artist statement
  • List of prints
  • Colophon

Here is a Lightroom gallery with all images in this folio