From our 2013/2014 Road Show seminar participants

I attended all four seminars in Sacramento. Each seminar fully met my (already high) expectations of any product from LensWork. I have been an avid reader of LensWork and follower of your podcasts for five or six years, so I was already quite familiar with the concepts of folios. Still, I found an enormous value added from listening to your presentations and gained new insights throughout the weekend. The large body of "sample" material you brought with you reinforced the concepts and provided even more motivation for me to use folios and pdfs as vehicles to assemble and distribute my work. Finally, as always with LensWork products, the very reasonable pricing coupled with the wonderful material and your insights made for a "10" on the "worth what paid for" scale. Two-week access to LensWork Online was an unexpected bonus. ~ Frank Field, Sacramento, California

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Saturday's very informative (and inspiring) workshops. Thanks for your cogent and practical ideas and advice. ~ Robert Muñoz, Seattle, Washington

Thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing so many insights and resources with us over the weekend. In addition to the value I gained from your presentations, and the value I will certainly gain from the course materials and resources at LensWork Online, I’ve also gained access to a network of new acquaintances.  I’m sure new friendships and wonderful new photographic experiences will grow from this. For example, one of the participants invited me to attend, tonight, a gathering of NY professional photographers who meet informally in a restaurant each fortnight. Another participant has asked me to consider collaborating with him on a project about UN peacekeepers, so we’ll be getting together to explore that idea and scope out its potential. ~ Simon Andrews, New York

Thanks so much for a great weekend! All four sections of the workshop this weekend far exceeded my expectations with regard to both content and presentation. Ten minutes into it on Saturday morning, I knew I was in the right place. ~ John Snell, Montpelier, Vermont

You likely get this a lot..... but.....I can't adequately express how much I enjoyed and appreciated our weekend in Minneapolis. You are such a breath of fresh air. You have helped clarified my thinking and given me a terrific shot of enthusiasm. ~ Al DaValle, St. Charles, Illinois

First off, I thought the two days were terrific!  Very well organized, coherent, practical, with memorable stories to cement points into brains.  Each of the modules were quite useful in developing my thinking about what I should do differently, or more of, or not at all!  But the module I liked the best was the final one, which blew my mind!  The credibility you have made the points stick, and I learned things I would never have figured out on my own ... too many to list !!!  Overall, I would enthusiastically recommend your 2-day roadshow to my few photography friends interested in active adult learning and willing to accept 100% of what you say as truth and reality in order to allow their brains to process a new approach to thinking about their photography. ~ Goodloe Suttler, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Brooks is as brilliant an expositor of aesthetic, philosophical, and practical wisdom as he is photographer  and publisher. Kudos to him and whole LensWork team for putting together such a magnificent treat to the eye and mind! ~ Andy Ilachinski, Washington, DC

I thought all four sessions were just fabulous! Am so happy I attended the entire weekend. The information was invaluable to the future of my fine art photography career. ~ Carol Huddleston, Washington, DC

These workshops are fantastic!  They really opened my way of thinking and introduced to new creative ideas and possibilities.  These workshops are an incredible value.  The amount information passed on is incredible.  Brooks did a great job of keeping the presentation active and interesting.  My only recommendation is to make it bigger and have it last a week! ~ Clint Brownlee, Atlanta, Georgia

The Miami workshop was everything I expected and more.  His passion for photography and his willingness to share his vast amount of knowledge and experience made for a fantastic weekend. ~ Fred Fronstin, Miami, Florida

Excellent seminar!  Brooks is a great speaker, and answered all our questions with his unique expertise based on his many years of photography and publishing, and he did so without hesitation. ~ Bryan Fleischman, Atlanta, Georgia

One of the best workshop experiences I've ever had. It was a pleasure to meet Brooks. He was more than generous in sharing a wealth of information. I came away with new inspiration and ideas for life as a photographer. ~ Joanne Urban, Miami, Florida

Brooks' presentation was so thoroughly engaging I didn't want the days to end.  I could have listened to him speak on and on for days.  The delivery was so easy to follow and every topic was  part of a building block towards the next topic and it all made sense in a very  cohesive manner. I learned more in those 2 days than I have in years. I wish I had taken part much sooner; I would have saved myself a ton of time. ~ Simone Koffman, Miami, Florida

I want to thank you and Maureen for a most excellent seminar. It went way beyond photography. Your photography philosophy really encompasses life. I was so inspired when I came home to get organized and start/finish projects. I am copying/moving image/video files and then will import into LR with one consistent system. Thank you for an excellent workshop (for life). All that way missing were the temple chimes and incense to make it really ZEN like (and therefore so much more attractive for all those looking to Buddha and beyond). :)~ Catherine Roberts, Seattle, Washington

Thanks for the great seminar. It was really great to finally meet you in person. I am happy to say that I learned quite a few new things, had a few more reinforced, and came away inspired. ~ Chuck Kimmerle, Casper, Wyoming

Just a quick note to say thank you for the seminar on Saturday. What an eye-opening experience for me. LensWork is different, and now I understand why. Combining multiple images with text and presenting it using the highest quality media can create dramatic impact, more than just the sum of the parts. Thank you for freeing me to stop pursuing the hero shot. My new philosophy will be to shoot what is interesting to me and not give any thought to how it might be used. By the way, I don't think I'll ever view another issue of LensWork the same - I'm going to spend more time reading artist statements! ~ Steve Sutton, Plano, Texas

It is an understatement that I loved your seminar I recently attended in Dallas. I have been to lots of them and yours out-did all the others. It was such a pleasure to see the material I came to learn presented so well, concise & organized. ~ Beverly Coates, Baton Rouge, Louisianna

Thanks so much for the very informative seminar this past weekend in Federal Way. I learned a lot! ~ Pat Riggs, Lakewood, Washington

First off, I ‘d like to thank you for bringing your road show to Houston.  I attended this last weekend and had a phenomenal experience. Because of the wealth of information and examples you presented, I’ve come down with ADD. Thanks. My head is reeling from the possibilities and I can’t seem to stop thinking of what lies ahead. Finally, I believe I can move past my pile of prints and on towards something more meaningful to myself and hopefully an audience.~ John Miller, Houston, Texas

Thanks for making yourself available to the guys in the trenches. ~ Bruce Wards, Phoenix, Arizona

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend of learning, direction and, stimulation. I completely enjoyed myself, as well as learned a great deal this past weekend. It was very obvious to me that you were well prepared, knowledgeable, and passionate about your subject. This could not help but rub off on the participants. It was a very worthwhile and productive use of my weekend. Thank you again for allowing me to be an attendee. ~ Gary McLaughlin, Camas, Washington

I have attended many workshops/seminars in my 35 + years career and I can say with no doubt that this was one of the best! Thanks for everything. ~ Leonard Smith III, Maurice, Louisianna

I wanted to drop you a short note expressing my sincere appreciation for your bringing the Lenswork Roadshow to Phoenix. For the first time in a long time, I walked away from a seminar with the realization that an old dog like myself can learn new tricks - without a doubt. Your insight, experiences, and thought-provoking ideas were just what the doctor ordered. I am committed to catching the "third wave" and moving my photography forward into a much better place. Thank you for challenging me to venture outside of my comfort zone. I haven't been this enthused about my craft in a very long time. ~ Jeff Welker, Phoenix, Arizona

I want to mention to you what a great two days. I have been to many seminars and workshops but I am feeling the last two days were quite exceptional. Not only did I learn stuff, but most importantly you gave to me a much greater concept, understanding, and appreciation for LensWork through your excellent presentations. I am very glad I did them all. ~ Rob Lester, Phoenix, Arizona

In all my years in photography and writing as an coulmnist for Dealerscope (a consumer electronics trade publication), a writer on a syndicated column, Consumer Tech, as a partial owner of a ski newsletter and travel sheet based in New York, and now as a exhibiting photographer in Steamboat Springs Colorado, I have never gained as much knowledge as I did at the Denver Road Show. A truly amazing day. ~ Al Reiner, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I just wanted to thank you for a delightful and informative seminar last Saturday. Having been in both a personal and photographic funk for the past year this was what I needed to kickstart me in the right direction. I came away with many ideas for many projects and uses for my stockpile of images. Now that I'm back home, I'll get started. ~ Steve Horn, San Francisco, California

I had the pleasure of attending all four seminars of the L.A. Road Show this past weekend and I just want to take a moment to say "Thanks, Brooks, that was really special." While I had hoped that each topic in and of itself would be interesting (which they were), I hadn't expected the concepts and themes to build over time from one seminar to the next. You've given me much to think about! ~ Mark McConnel, Los Angeles, California

Thank you for an excellent workshop this past weekend. I am greatly inspired and eager to build folios and chapbooks of my own.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope our paths will cross again someday.  I wish you all the best and safety in your travels. ~ Brent Shannon, Thousand Oaks, California

Thank you for a worthwhile weekend. I appreciate your offer of 'helping' as we stumble down this road. Working with someone who has already stepped in the potholes doesn't necessarily keep me from stepping in them too, but at least you know the way out of the deep ones. Thanks again. I'm glad I was able to attend the second day as well. ~ Bob Younger, Lakeside, California

I attended the Saturday morning LA symposium and found it very informative. Great to meet the mind behind the great publication. ~ Cary Feibleman, Long Beach, California