Seeing in SIXES is going to press this week!
Special pre-order price expires September 7th!

This LensWork community book project will be printed with the quality you've come to expect from LensWork Publishing and promises to be an important and substantial survey of photography from the LensWork community.

Book Details:

  • 312 Pages, 50 projects
  • Each project is 6 images exactly, in a 6-page spread
  • Both color and black-and-white projects and images
  • Introduction by Brooks Jensen
  • A great learning tool to help develop your own small projects
  • 9” tall x 8” wide, larger than LensWork

Pre-Order Special $29.95*

Regular Price $34.95 as of September 8th

*Plus Shipping

Please note! Photographers who entered work will automatically receive a free book.

The enthusiastic response from the LensWork community provided a diversity of excellent work. We selected 50 entries from these photographers to fill 300 pages. Congratulations!

Mary Aiu
Stephen Allworth
Lewis Anderson
Stefan Bäurle
Savannah Bullinger
Kent Burkhardsmeier
John Conn
Jack Curran
Al DaValle
Richard Davidson
Adrienne Defendi
Paul Elliott
Hal Gage
Mark Gardner
Daniel Goldberg
Douglas Hall

Mary Virginia Hall
Robert Hansen
Sharon Harkness
Jim Hontz
Amy Kanka Valadarsky
Julius Kassovic
Moises Levy
Ian Macilwain
Anne McGrath
Timothy Messick
Gordon Middleton
John Miskelly
Rick Murai
Christopher Perez
Kathleen Pickard

Lori Pond
James Popovic
Lisa Redburn
Michael Rich
Mark Rindflesh
Emery Roth II
Joanne Scherf
Jim Sinsheimer
Darcie Sternenberg
Montie Talbert
Hugh Templin
Lev Tsimring
Mark Wainer
Michael Waller
Barbara Warren
Bill Young

22 August 2016

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