LensWork Monograph #12

Indians at Work: Cultural Portraits

by Louis Montrose

  • 61 images, 72 pages
  • Book dimensions: 8" wide by 9" tall
  • The quality printing you've come to expect from LensWork

    From the introduction by Louis Montrose:

    I had been interested in India — in its arts, music, food, and religious culture — for decades before my first visit there in 2007. At the same time, the prospect of visiting India intimidated me. The poverty and disease were and are all too real — along with the environmental degradation, maddening bureaucracy, and alarming caste and religious divisions, among other ills. But that first visit also intoxicated my senses, captivated my imagination, and challenged my intellect. India seemed to me the most photogenic place on earth, brimming with the most open and photogenic people. Some strange new sight seemed about to appear around every corner. Although photography was a primary motivation for that first visit, I did not arrive with the intention of documenting Indians at work. That project spontaneously arose in the first few days after my arrival, as I was drawn to artisans practicing their crafts and others engaged in traditional forms of labor in the villages and small towns of Rajasthan.

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