eConsultations with Brooks Jensen are now
Feedback Reviews

The old eConsultations were live, one-on-one conversations that required simultaneous contact. Scheduling these became too complex to fit into our deadlines and daily tasks. Instead, we now offer Feedback Reviews which Brooks can record as he has time — usually within a few days of your request. The video is then posted for you to view at your convenience. You can view his comments repeatedly and even download the video for you archives. You can see an excerpt from a sample Feedback Review here.

You can learn more about our Feedback Reviews here.

BTW, the Feedback Reviews are only $25, so they are less expensive than we were charging for the old eConsultations. Maybe a Feedback Review can help with your next creative steps, particularly if you let Brooks know your specific questions beforehand.

About Brooks Jensen's Reviews

Brooks Jensen is one of the most popular reviewers at events such as Photolucida and Houston FotoFest. His years of experience as a fine art photographer, author of numerous books and workshops on photography, marketing, and the creative life – and as the publisher of LensWork – give him a unique perspective to lend help and advice to photographers looking for the next step with their art.

Brooks has counseled literally hundreds of photographers on ways to find and follow their own creative path. "Every creative individual has their own needs and path," Jensen writes in his book Letting Go of the Camera, "so the thorny question What should I do? is answered differently for each artist." He insists, "The challenge is not to offer advice so you can do what I do, but rather to discover your own path. That's my role in these reviews – helping photographers move closer to their own success."

No Need to Travel!
Available Globally Wherever You Are

Although we support and encourage attendance to the large review events such as Houston FotoFest or Photolucida, the costs can be prohibitive when you add the event fee, the travel, the hotel, and the meals. Our hope with these Feedback Reviews via the Internet is to make available information and advice to help you in your art career without the extra expense of a large review event.

How can we help?

Brooks' experience and expertice can help in many areas including . . .